Which famous person from history is on your guestlist and why?

Posted: November, 2014

The joys of dinner parties, lots of us have been to one and some of us have hosted them. The big question of course, after what to cook, is just who do you invite? Probably not such a difficult choice when deciding from between your friends and family, but just for fun lets say we are choosing from people from history. You can have anyone at your table, alive or dead, from any time or place. It will be yourself and four others, as if the History Channel did Come Dine with Me and you’re the host.

Four people doesn't sound like a lot, but when you have the whole world to choose from, and from any point in history, I’m sure you’re all going to be able to think of a lot more than four people who you would want at your table. I certainly could. But for now I am going to go with these four:

Jimi Hendrix: A great musician, one of my favourites, whom I would love to have had the pleasure of seeing play live. I’m sure he would bring a laid back feel to the table and with a bit of luck, provide us with some post dinner entertainment.

Leonardo Da Vinci: Inventor and artist, a man of great foresight. I imagine he would be a little eccentric and a lively character at the dinner table. Wouldn’t it be great fun to see the look on his face when you showed him a helicopter?

Jacques de Molay: Last grand master of The Knights Templar, whom I’m quite sure would have some great stories to tell. I would certainly have a few questions for him, “What did they find under the temple mount that gave them their hold over the church?” and in the end “What did you do with the gold?”.

Albert Einstein: Renowned scientist, Genius? Full of ideas, theories and probably a lot to talk about, most of which I’m sure would blow my mind and the minds of my other guests. But the man behind the scientist was a lover of music and would he really just want to bring his work to the dinner table?

So four people, all of whom would be interesting enough on their own, but all around the same table, well there would certainly be some interesting conversations. Jimi playing his guitar in the corner whilst Da Vinci and Einstein discuss the last 400 years of scientific and technological advancements. All the while I could be tapping up De Molay to find out just where all the Templar wealth did end up, purely out of curiosity of course. I’m sure a few post dinner brandies may help extract that information.

Now I have my guests, what would I cook? I think that’s an article for another day.