It all began in Yorkshire

The reet side of Pennines!

I grew up in the market town of Dewsbury. I remember my grandad growing vegetables in his small backgarden. We used to run down the ginnel and grab a handful of peapods and shell the fresh peas. I remember my mum telling two Scottish kids across the street that they were like peas in a pod, one replied "I don't pea in a pod, I pee in a toilet!"

My early days as a Mixologist

Learning the roots and how to mix well

I learnt to become a Mixologist in Bury. At the time it was all about high volume rather than well made cocktails. Most ingredients were premixed. After taking up a new job I was shown how to make cocktails and coffee properly by a former sommelière. I admired this guy's knowledge and wanted to gain similar experience. To this day, an openness to learn forms the base of my work.

Food from around the globe

So much great food comes from many different places

As much as I love them, it's not all about Yorkshire puds. Dewsbury was, and still is, a very diverse community. You had tripe alongside spices which would amaze your tastes buds. I love the variation and combinations you can achieve with ingredients from around the world.

There's more than one way to cook a chicken

Knowing and not knowing the possibilities

At school I always enjoyed the science lessons. To me cooking seems like mans earliest form of chemistry. It is exciting when you are faced with ingredients because you can cook something in many different styles. From ultra hot spices to delicate herbs, it's all about experimenting and responding to the moment.

Coffee and spice

All the things that are nice

Like a lot of people I love my coffee. I don't think I have found the perfect blend yet but I certainly know how coffee should be made. My favorite coffee type is the cappuccino. The historical link between this drink and the colour of the robes worn by the Capuchin monks in Vienna is part of the magic.

Looking forward

Moving in a fresh direction

Just when I feel I have aquired a vast knowledge of my industry you end up meeting somebody who knows a whole lot more. It is exciting when this happens as I alway look improve on what I know. This year I am working towards my WSET Level 3 Award to increase my depth of knowledge even more and hoping to travel to many wine regions in France.

An inspiring video by Michael Grimm

Food from Michael Grimm on Vimeo.

Food & Drink Articles

A selection of articles written by myself

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